Bottles and Cans

Did you know? ONE Glass Bottle takes 1 MILLION YEARS to decompose in the Landfill?

Interior Freight & Bottle Depot makes returning your bottles and cans in Vernon easy and efficient. Parking is readily available, as well as carts, tables, and sorting trays to make your recycling experience as quick and easy as possible.

Recycling Basics

Simply follow our 4 step process for recycling your bottles and cans:

Step 1

Park your vehicle and prepare to unload.

Step 2

Grab a cart and unload your bottles.

Step 3

Sort your bottles using our tables and trays.

Step 4

Take your bottles inside and collect your cash.

For a list of Bottles/Cans we accept go to ENCORP – Return It

Help the environment and collect some cash… Recycle your cans and bottles at Interior Freight & Bottle Depot at 4205-24th Ave. in Vernon.