Paint, Pesticides, and Fuel

Consumer Only, No Industrial
Interior Freight & Bottle Depot makes returning your paint, pesticides, and fuel (no industrial fuel) easy. Parking is readily available, as well as carts, tables, and sorting trays to make your recycling experience as quick and easy as possible.

Paint Cans

Paint Cans

Old paint cans take up too much space in your shed and garage, and need to be kept out of the landfill!

  1. Load up paint cans onto one of our carts
  2. Bring them inside and drop them off

Our Paint Can Drop off Bin is located INSIDE, to the right.

Paint Products Accepted
  • Interior & Exterior: latex, acrylic, water-based, alkyd, enamel, oil-based consumer paints
  • Deck coatings and floor paints (including elastomeric)Varnishes and urethanes (single component)Concrete/masonry paints
  • Drywall paints
  • Primers (metal, wood)
  • Undercoats
  • Stucco paint
  • Marine paints (unless registered under Pest Control Product Act)
  • Wood finishing oils
  • Wood preservatives (unless registered under Pest Control Act)
  • Melamine, metal & anti-rust paints, stains, shellac
  • Swimming pool (single component)
  • Already empty paint containers
  • Stain blocking paint
  • Textured paints
  • Block fillers
  • Wood, masonry, driveway sealers or water repellents (non tar-based or bitumen based)
Paint Aerosols Accepted

Paint aerosols of all types, including automotive, craft and industrial products.